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Solvency Reader

Import, Read and validate your Solvency II XBRL files within minutes.

The Solvency Reader enables you to import your Solvency II XBRL files into the EIOPA templates in Excel. Furthermore, the file is validation too by the Solvency Reader, enabling you to identify validation errors if they are present.

The process is very simple, fast and secure. You simply just load the XBRL file into your Excel, through the Solvency Reader template. There is no software installation needed as Solvency Reader leverages the Microsoft Excel.

All you need to do is, click on the load button, choose the taxonomy and find browse for the XBRL file.


As well as all our other XBRL solutions, we have several control instances to ensure that all your financial reports are converted in accordance with applicable requirements and taxonomies. Our XBRL solutions are of course always updated with the latest taxonomies, and you will not be affected when taxonomies change as we integrate the changes in-house, so it does not affect you as the end user in any way.

Remember – Free trial

We always offer a free trial of our products. So if you want to try it without any obligations, please contact us.


The price structure for our Solvency II Converter is simple. You pay a fixed annual subscription fee to access to our conversion tool. Please contact us for more information.

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