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XBRL solutions is our core business

At ParsePort we solve all kinds of XBRL challenges, and we have a wide selection of XBRL solutions for businesses.
Whether you prefer to outsource conversion and deliverance of XBRL files to the authorities to us, or want to do everything yourself – we have the solution. A large variety of companies across Europe uses our solutions. We service auditor firms, stock exchange companies, banks, pension companies and other financial institutions. Read more about the solutions or contact us for more information.

Our mantra is to offer simple and price effective solutions enabling you to report XBRL files.

Please choose how we can help you below

Read and validate Solvency II XBRL files in Excel

Import, read and validate your Solvency II XBRL files within minutes in Excel.

The Solvency Reader enables you to import your Solvency II XBRL files into the EIOPA templates in Excel. Furthermore the file is validation too by the Solvency Reader, enabling you to identify validation errors if they are present.

Convert and validate your COREP/FINREP reports in Excel

With the EBA Reporter for CRD IV reporting, we have made it easy and simple to create XBRL files for the European Banking Authorities (EBA).

You simply just use the Excel template provided by ParsePort and generate your XBRL files. Then the reports are validated and converted to XBRL, which then can be delivered to your local receiving authority.

Need your own XBRL Engine?

If you are a software provider, who needs to create XBRL files we can help out!

Today ParsePort delivers the validation and creation of XBRL files to nummerious vendors across Europe, making it possible for the software providers to focus on their core competances.

Convert and validate your Solvency II reports in Excel

With the Reporter for Solvency II we have made it easy and simple to create XBRL files for the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA).

You simply use the provided Excel template, which validates the reports and convert them to XBRL. Then you can deliver the Solvency report to your receiving authority.

Convert your own annual or quartely report to XBRL

Do you need to report to your local authorities, and are you using Excel and/or Word to produce your reports.

The Annual Reporter from ParsePort offers you a fast, simple and secure way to convert directly from you Excel/Word to XBRL.

The Annual Reporter is a simple, cost-effective way to create XBRL files from you own templates. It is a “do-it-yourself” solution that enables you to convert everything from a simple report to a highly advanced annual report.

Let us convert your annual or quartely report

With our XBRL Service solution, we have made it very simple to report your annual reprots, quarterly reports, financial statements etc. in XBRL to the relevant authorities.

You do not have do anything other than to mail us the report – and we will convert them into digital XBRL files – ready for reporting to the relevant authorities.

Our XBRL Service Team handles all types of accounts and accounting classes.

Need to report to ESMA in iXBRL

The European Single Electronic Format is the electronic reporting format in which issuers on EU regulated markets shall prepare their annual financial reports from 1 January 2020.

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Need help creating an XBRL file now?

With our XBRL Service, you do not have to upgrade existing systems or invest in “do-it-yourself” solutions such as our own XBRL Reporter in order to convert your financial statements to XBRL.

With our XBRL Service solution, you are enjoying all the benefits from our XBRL tools – without having to devote precious time or get acquainted with XBRL taxonomies or “tags”.