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ParsePort B.I.

”Data mining”, ”Business analysis”, ”Point Of Sales collection” etc. – all abbreviations on performing the same task of collecting sales and inventory data from your sales channel. In lack of a simpler and more commonly understood term, we use ”Business Intelligence” – or B.I. in short.

Knowing the sales/run rate and inventory situation of your partners is essential to:

– Forecast production
– Pinpoint marketing possibilities
– Foresee over- and understock situations

Can you do it yourself? Yes – absolutely.
Is it efficient? No – definitely not.


Because just as you would outsource IT hosting, telecommunications, security, car leases and cleaning, B.I. works the same way. 95% of B.I. is tedious administration work that will not grow your business. The last 5% is where you analyze the data and base your decisions on whether to rethink a marketing campaign or increase production/purchases.

ParsePort XBRL

At ParsePort we solve all kinds of XBRL challenges, and we have a wide selection of XBRL solutions for businesses. Whether you prefer to outsource conversion and deliverance of XBRL files to the authorities to us or want to do everything yourself – we have the solution. A large variety of companies across Europe uses our solutions. We service auditor firms, stock exchange companies, banks, pension companies and other financial institutions. Read more about the solutions or contact us for more information.

Our mantra is to offer simple and price effective solutions enabling you to report XBRL files.